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Cyber Security Resources for Small Businesses

As a small business, you may just be crossing your fingers that a wily hacker chooses not to target you but the reality is, for any business, large or small, it's not 'if' but 'when'.  Something as simple as inadvertently clicking on a Ransomware

7 Ways to Improve Business Efficiency Through Order Management

For any small business an efficient order management process is vital but it can get easily out of control, particularly when you have lots of orders to process.

Malware - Avoiding the Nightmare

Malware can cripple any big business, never mind the smaller organisation that doesn't have the resources to manage a malware infection.  Vigilance is crucial - but the reality is we're all human. 

What’s your data telling you? How to get the most from your business dashboards

Business Intelligence is the process of analysing data using technologies, which can be used for more informed decision making.  Business intelligence is just as vital for small businesses as for large.  Some small businesses have already started


In this article we learn about how guest bloggers, Flexibility Matters have been leading the charge in changing the workplace recruitment culture in the South East.

Flexibility Matters Join As Guest Bloggers

At Workhorse, we're passionate about bringing you information that helps you build your SME.  We're pleased to announce that Flexibility Matters, specialist flexible working recruiters are the first of our new guest bloggers.  Watch this space

Hacked? Stolen Details? Advice from NCSC

As they cyber security professionals regularly say, 'it's not 'if' but 'when'.  We are all in danger of our details being stolen but what do you do when you suspect they have?  It's common that smaller businesses don't have their own in-house

How to improve your business productivity through order management

Operating effective order management software can provide a seamless process throughout all stages of order processing. It can allow your company to master an all-in-one-place approach to your demand, placed orders and order fulfilment.

The Importance of Running a Tight Ship – Effective Workflow in the Stockroom

Your warehouse is your hub for meeting customer needs. It is the central place at which all orders land. 

How SMEs Can Overcome Their Order and Inventory Management Challenges

Many small and medium enterprises can identify issues in their order management processes, but not all can effectively solve them. How can your company be one who does?

Overcoming your order management challenges can unlock capabilities in your