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The Workhorse Solution for Small Businesses

Small businesses should have access to the same kind of software benefits as big businesses, but without the high price tag – that’s the Workhorse philosophy, and it’s what makes us different. Where small businesses grapple with off-the-shelf

5 things to consider when implementing an order & inventory management system

As a business dealing with inventory, it’s probable you have thought about introducing an order management system. The benefits are numerous, and it’s likely to be a big step in improving the overall productivity of your business. However, when

Understanding your Order Management Challenges and Opportunities

Order management is a complex business, one that is full of plenty of its own challenges. Unfortunately for many small businesses, these challenges can be a roadblock to many of the opportunities which come with mastering your order management.

The common obstacles holding your business back

Most small businesses experience growing pains. In fact, we would challenge you to find a business that hasn’t. But when do these growing pains turn into obstacles which are stumping your business growth? It could be a seemingly small issue in

Managing the complexities of Inventory

Any business dealing with inventory knows that inventory management is no easy feat. In fact, it can be extremely complex. Inventory management sits at the heart of all goods businesses and can be the difference between success and failure.

Alastair Badman: The importance of digital transformation for SMEs

For SMEs, operating efficiently is one of the keys to business success.

The 5 keys to a successful order and inventory management process

If you're a business dealing with inventory, you'll be familiar with the challenges faced in running a successful order and inventory management process. You might have fallen victim to some of the common pitfalls or maybe just have room to

The Importance of System Integrations and What it Means for Your Business

Many businesses struggle when it comes to managing all their data. Running one system for accounting and sales and another for inventory management can make it impossible for a business to stay ahead of the curve with their activities.

Misconceptions and Myths of Inventory and Order Management

Inventory and order management, when used effectively, can be the difference between an organised and efficient business- and a poorly run one. Despite this, there are many misconceptions around order management and what it means for businesses.


As a business software provider we have grown our business with a flexible working culture.  This week, our guest  blogger, Emma Cleary from Flexibility Matters, delves into the benefits of flexible working for businesses small and large in her