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The 5 keys to a successful order and inventory management process

If you're a business dealing with inventory, you'll be familiar with the challenges faced in running a successful order and inventory management process. You might have fallen victim to some of the common pitfalls or maybe just have room to

The Importance of System Integrations and What it Means for Your Business

Many businesses struggle when it comes to managing all their data. Running one system for accounting and sales and another for inventory management can make it impossible for a business to stay ahead of the curve with their activities.

Misconceptions and Myths of Inventory and Order Management

Inventory and order management, when used effectively, can be the difference between an organised and efficient business- and a poorly run one. Despite this, there are many misconceptions around order management and what it means for businesses.


As a business software provider we have grown our business with a flexible working culture.  This week, our guest  blogger, Emma Cleary from Flexibility Matters, delves into the benefits of flexible working for businesses small and large in her

New Role - Application Support Analyst

Workhorse is a cloud-based application platform for small businesses. It allows us to deliver a wide variety of operations and office management applications to industries as varied as recruitment, events, marketing and manufacturing.

Workhorse Debuts in Xero Marketplace

Workhorse, the Small Business Software Platform, today announced its launch on the Xero Marketplace giving millions of Xero users direct access to its Order & Inventory Management solution. 

5 Tips - How to Fall in Love With Your Business Again

It's that time of year... the season of pulsing hearts, declarations of passion and that feeling of invincibility... or is it?  Any relationship needs a little TLC sometimes (and frankly more than once a year) otherwise it grows stale, heavy,

Small Business Trends You Can't Afford to Ignore in 2020

It's goes without saying that 2019 was a strong year for startups and small businesses. In fact, 2019 saw investors put £27.7 billion ($36 billion into European startups. In the last five years, the total amount of investments in European

A New Bespoke - 4 Key Considerations for Small Business Software

Small businesses looking to improve their processes to fuel their expansion have a challenge when it comes to software.  On the plus side there is an absolute plethora of apps and off-the-shelf products designed to be easy and quick to access and

Cyber Security Resources for Small Businesses

As a small business, you may just be crossing your fingers that a wily hacker chooses not to target you but the reality is, for any business, large or small, it's not 'if' but 'when'.  Something as simple as inadvertently clicking on a Ransomware